The Path of A Back Injury at Work

What Should You Do If You Hurt Your Back at Work? If you hurt your back at work take the right steps to take care of yourself. Here’s what you should do: 1. Tell Someone: Let your supervisor or manager know about your injury as soon as possible. They’ll fill out an incident report about


How Employers Try to Avoid Paying Workers’ Compensation Premiums

When you hear about workers’ compensation fraud in Louisiana, it usually involves a worker collecting benefits when he or she should not have. But did you realize that employers can commit a type of workers’ compensation fraud as well? In most cases, employers must provide workers’ compensation insurance to employees. There are some exceptions, but


What Are the Common Mistakes Workers’ Comp Doctors Look For?

After suffering a workplace injury, a visit to a doctor is your first priority. The medical records the doctor collects will be invaluable if you file a workers’ compensation claim. Most of the time you will be sent or taken to a doctor your job picks – the Company Doctor. This is ok if the


Can I Claim Workers’ Compensation if I Am Infected by the Coronavirus?

The majority of the country has shut down due to COVID-19. In fact, April 30th is the new extended deadline for the Stay at Home Order in Louisiana. The state has reported a total of 24,000 coronavirus cases. As a result, many people are wondering what their options are if they become infected by the


Am I Eligible for Social Security Disability in Louisiana?

If you worked and paid into the Social Security program, you may qualify for benefits if you become disabled. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a disability program available to disabled workers in the United States. There are specific criteria you must meet before collecting these benefits. This makes collecting Social Security disability in Louisiana


How Long Do I Have to File a Workers’ Comp Claim in Louisiana?

When you get hurt at work, you may wonder how you will make ends meet. Who will pay your bills? How will you support your family? Fortunately, Louisiana law allows employees to receive workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits help pay for medical bills and a portion of lost wages after suffering a work-related injury. To


5 Reasons You Need a Lawyer for a Workers’ Comp Claim in Louisiana

Suffering a work injury is not easy. In the blink of an eye, you could face an uncertain future and a long road to recovery. The workers’ compensation system in Louisiana protects injured workers after an accident. These benefits can help pay for medical expenses, as well as a portion of your lost wages. Navigating


Filing for Worker’s Compensation After Suffering a Back Injury at Work

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 600,000 American workers suffer back injuries at work every year. These injuries cost more than $50 billion annually in lost wages, medical expenses, and disabilities. Back injuries are some of the most common workplace injuries. Yet, it can be difficult to get a workers’


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