Why Do I Need a Lawyer?



The legal team at Mitchell & Associates works hard to make sure you get the maximum workers’ compensation benefits owed to you.

They’ll Have Their Lawyers. You Should Have Yours, Too.

Your employer and their workers’ compensation insurance company will have lawyers working for them. You shouldn’t have to face that alone. Get a lawyer working for you.

With a lawyer backing you up, you can stop a big workers’ comp insurance company from treating you unfairly.

Insurance claims adjusters want to put as little time, effort and expense into your case as they can. They’re not looking out for you.

If you don’t know what you are entitled to, they won’t always tell you.

Even the best adjusters get bogged down with case files. It’s easy for your case to get lost.

An attorney can ensure that you get what you deserve. And your lawyer will take care of deadlines, forms and dealing with claims adjusters, so you can focus on your health.

An experienced lawyer can do a lot to maximize your benefits:

  • Make sure insurance pays for your doctor of choice
  • Check that health care providers properly document your case
  • Make sure your employer submits all the right forms
  • Make sure you meet all the required deadlines
  • Make sure your insurance sends payments for lost wages in a timely fashion
  • Deal with claims adjusters
  • Deal with human resources and safety officials from your job
  • Deal with hospitals and nurse case managers
  • Deal with vocational rehabilitation caseworkers
  • File a “Disputed Claim for Compensation,” which is like a lawsuit, if your benefits get denied

Believe it or not, 90% of people who get hurt at work don’t get legal advice. They might end up living with their injuries or paying for medical care themselves.

You worked hard, and you deserve better than that.

Workers’ Comp Is a Separate Kind of Law

Workers’ comp has its own legal system. It’s different from the regular courts. It has its own courts and administrative law judges. The rules change in every state.

When you have a lawyer who knows this system and how to make a successful claim for you, it can make a big difference.

Experienced workers’ comp lawyers understand the laws that created this process – like the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act. They can be confusing.

A workers’ comp lawyer also knows how to work with the state offices that oversee the system – like the Louisiana Office of Workers’ Compensation. That can be difficult.

When you’ve been hurt on the job and your health and ability to make a living are on the line, you shouldn’t have to figure out all of this on your own.

An experienced lawyer knows how the workers’ comp system works, so they can guide you through it.

At Mitchell & Associates, you pay nothing for us to provide an initial assessment of your case.


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