Attorneys Craig Mitchell and Kiana Mitchell are New Orleans workers' compensation Lawyers.

Get the Benefits You Deserve

You worked hard. Your employer always held you in high regard. Maybe you dedicated yourself to the same employer for years.

Then you got hurt on the job. Now you’re Too Hurt To WorkTM. All of a sudden – when you need workers’ compensation benefits – your employer isn’t your friend anymore.

This experience is jarring. You feel betrayed.

But when your employer or their insurance company act like they don’t care about you, the attorneys at Mitchell & Associates take pride in helping you.


No complaints. Would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone. Mr. Mitchell represented me, handling my workers’ comp case. He was very informative as well as honest. To this day, I have been satisfied with what he was able to do. Definitely a dedicated lawyer who works hard for his clients.

- Antonio
When do you need workers’ compensation?

Maybe it was the result of an employer who had you lifting heavy bags, boxes or shipment loads, and you strained a muscle, broke a bone or slipped a disc.

Maybe it was the result of a slip and fall at work.

If you’re too hurt to work, then Mitchell & Associates needs to be the next call you make.

We’re the legal veterans that for over a decade have been helping people just like you get the workers’ compensation you deserve.

When you’re injured on the clock, don’t settle for less. Your workers’ compensation case may entitle you to a variety of indemnity wage benefits such as permanent total disability, permanent partial disability and supplemental earnings benefits and so much more.

Attorney Craig Mitchell leads a team of New Orleans workers' compensation lawyers at Mitchell & Associates.

Attorney Craig Mitchell leads a legal team dedicated to helping you when you’re Too Hurt To Work.

Your Case is Personal

This is about your health. It’s about paying your bills. It’s about your family. It’s about your life. We understand that.

At Mitchell & Associates, we’re a family firm. When you call us about your workers’ comp case, you talk to our founder, Attorney Craig Mitchell, or his wife, Attorney Kiana Aaron Mitchell.

At some law firms, people never see their lawyer. We will always invite you to meet with Craig or Kiana.

We’ve seen enough big companies treat people unfairly. Then indifferent lawyers try to rush their cases. That makes us mad, so we make it our mission to protect your benefits.

It doesn’t cost anything to ask us questions. Call us and we’ll provide an initial case assessment for free.


What Is Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ comp is financial support available to you when you’re hurt on the job.

If you work in Louisiana or Mississippi, you’ve earned the right to workers’ comp. When you get hurt at work – and find yourself Too Hurt To WorkTM – you’re entitled to receive these benefits under state law.

Workers’ comp covers three kinds of expenses you face after a work-related injury:

  1. Medical care you need as a result of your injury
  2. A portion of the wages you miss when you’re Too Hurt To WorkTM
  3. Orientation and training for a new kind of job
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Starting Your Workers’
Comp Claim

You always start your workers’ comp claim one way: You report your injury to your boss.

Your employer is required by law to carry insurance that pays for workers’ comp, or they have to be self-insured.

When you tell your supervisor what happened, it’s their obligation to file a report of your claim so your medical care is paid for and your lost wages are covered quickly.

But it doesn’t always work that way. They refuse to pay some – or any – of your workers’ comp benefits. Or they move too slow.

When that happens, you need an experienced lawyer who knows how to navigate the system.


Attorneys Craig Mitchell and Kiana Mitchell are New Orleans workers' compensation Lawyers.

Get attorneys Kiana Mitchell, Craig Mitchell and their legal team to help you win the maximum workers’ comp benefits.

Do You Need A Lawyer?

When your employer or their workers’ comp insurance company  refuses to help when you need it the most, the situation quickly gets complicated.

You’re already dealing with your injury. Now you have to deal with forms, deadlines, claims adjusters and doctors.

An experienced workers’ comp lawyer takes on this burden so you can focus on your health.

Workers’ comp has its own legal system separate from the regular courts. It’s different in every state. It has its own courts and judges.

When you have a lawyer who knows this system and how to make a successful claim for you, it can make a big difference.

At Mitchell & Associates, we’ve helped people with just about every issue that can come up under workers’ comp.

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