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What To Know When You’re Too Hurt To WorkTM

You were hurt at work. Now you’re Too Hurt To WorkTM.

You’re dealing with a lot of stress: Your injury. Your medical treatment. Your bills piling up. Your loss of income.

On top of all that, you have to figure out workers’ compensation.

Workers’ comp has its own separate legal system. It has its own rules, even its own courts and judges to handle disagreements.

At Mitchell & Associates, we’ve seen enough people get pushed around by this system that we made it our mission to provide resources for you, to help you through.

On this site, we’ve gathered answers to some of the most common workers’ comp questions we hear from people who are Too Hurt To WorkTM.

We’ll provide an initial assessment of your specific situation for free.

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When it came down to my workplace injury, Mr. Mitchell was the one I ran to see. It was easy to get him over the phone line, and he settled my case in little to no time.

– Bobby T.


What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ comp provides benefits for an employee who has suffered an injury or an illness resulting from job-related duties.

The benefits include medical and rehabilitation costs and lost wages. The tradeoff is you can’t sue your employer for pain and suffering. The idea is that your employer has to have workers’ compensation insurance, so if you are hurt at work you can start receiving benefits right away.

But it doesn’t always happen like that. If your claim is denied and you’re too hurt too work, contact Mitchell & Associates.

We’ll help you get the benefits you deserve.


How Do You Help Me?

At Mitchell & Associates, we’ve seen just about every kind of situation that can come up with workers’ comp.

Getting all the benefits you deserve often means fighting a lot of small battles. We’ll navigate this system for you, so you can focus on healing.


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