Can I Pick My Own Doctor?

You Have Options

After you’re hurt at work, not only can you choose your own workers’ compensation doctor, you absolutely should.

One of the first things your employer will probably do is send you to a clinic to see a doctor.

But that’s a company doctor. Their goal is to rush you back to work so the workers’ comp insurance company can pay you as little as possible.

You’re entitled to receive weekly checks for indemnity benefits, which replace a portion of your lost wages when your injury means you can’t work. The company doctor and insurance company want to stop those checks as soon as they can.

If the workers’ comp system is pushing you around, an attorney can push back for you. Mitchell & Associates will provide an initial assessment of your case for free.

How to Choose Your Doctor

Workers’ comp has its own rules for medical treatment. It has certain forms doctors have to fill out at certain times. You need a doctor familiar with this system.

To get a doctor who’s going to work in your best interests, follow these steps:

  • Choose a doctor who understands the workers’ comp system.
    The experienced workers’ comp lawyers at Mitchell & Associates can determine if a doctor is well qualified to handle workers’ comp. They know the local workers’ comp system, the local health care system and how to find doctors who are appropriate for your claim.
  • Get your doctor approved. You can’t go to any doctor and not tell anyone. When you choose a doctor, you must get him or her approved by your employer and claims adjuster. You do this by sending them a “Choice of Physician” form.
  • Get approval when you want to change doctors. To switch doctors, you also need approval from your employer and workers’ comp insurance.
  • Only go to one doctor per specialty. You can’t go to two doctors of the same specialty under workers’ comp. For example, you can’t see two orthopedists for your back injury. But you may be able to see an orthopedist and a neurologist.

When Your Employer Gets to Choose a Doctor

Though you have the right to choose your primary workers’ comp doctors, in certain circumstances, your employer can require you to go to another doctor.

Your employer has the right to choose a doctor to examine you for a second opinion.

You’re required to cooperate with second opinions under workers’ comp. If you refuse to go, your benefits can be stopped.

When you’ve got Mitchell & Associates working for you, you can be sure you’ll see the right doctors and get the right treatment after you were hurt on the job.

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