Am I Eligible?

Mitchell & Associates attorneys like David Williams can help you understand how you’re covered by workers’ compensation.


Am I Eligible?

Workers’ Compensation Eligibility in New Orleans

Protection for You

Workers’ compensation exists to help you financially when you’re hurt at work and are now Too Hurt To WorkTM.

So if you work, you’re covered.

Or you should be.

Your employer and their workers’ comp insurance company could be more concerned about saving money than providing all the benefits you’re entitled to receive.

They could disagree that you were hurt on the job, push you to see a company doctor or refuse to pay for treatment your doctor ordered.

An experienced workers’ comp lawyer can keep your claim on track.


Your eligibility for workers’ comp benefits should be pretty straightforward. If you work in Louisiana or Mississippi, you’re eligible. That includes part-time workers, seasonal workers and children who work. Workers’ comp was created to provide benefits quickly when you’re hurt and your income has stopped. In exchange, you employer avoids lawsuits.

Benefits You Can Receive

Workers’ comp benefits come in three major forms:

  • Medical care for your injury
  • Weekly checks to replace some of your lost wages
  • Services to help you find another job

You should never have to pay anything for medical treatment.

Those payments for lost wages, called indemnity benefits, come in several categories depending on the severity of your injury. They can last a short time or a long time.

And you should be careful about job reorientation services, called vocational rehabilitation, because it can be an excuse to push you off workers’ comp.

Navigating all the eligibility rules and all the types of workers’ comp benefits takes a lot of experience and knowledge.

While you’re dealing with your health, Mitchell & Associates can guide you through the system. We’ll provide an initial assessment of your case for free.

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