How Do I Pick a Doctor?

Finding Care When You’re Too Hurt To WorkTM

The workers’ compensation system is complicated. The health care system is even more complicated.

When you’re Too Hurt To WorkTM, getting the right medical care is crucial.

But how do you find the right doctors and treatments?

At Mitchell & Associates, in addition to knowing the local workers’ comp legal system, we also know the local health care landscape.

An experienced attorney can make sure you get fast, quality care – and that your care is covered by workers’ comp.

You Get to Pick Your Doctor

After you get hurt on the job, your employer will probably send you to a clinic of their choice for your first doctor visit. After that, they’ll want you to keep going to their doctors.

This is important: Don’t give up your chance to choose your own doctor.

The company doctor has an incentive to declare you healthy too soon: Getting you off workers’ comp and saving your employer and its insurance company money.

How Do You Choose a Doctor?

When you’re choosing a workers’ comp doctor, you can’t just pick anyone.

Workers’ comp has specific rules for medical treatment. You need a doctor who understands this system.

And you’re required to inform your employer and claims adjuster about the doctor you choose. They get to approve your choice.

If they give you trouble about your pick, a workers’ comp lawyer can step in to protect your rights.

How Your Doctor Gets Paid

Under workers’ comp, you don’t pay anything for medical care for your on-the-job injury.

Your doctor gets paid by your employer’s workers’ comp insurance company.

Sometimes, a workers’ comp claims adjuster will decline a certain charge from a doctor.

That’s when a lawyer can make sure the insurance company pays all the costs they’re responsible for covering.

When Doctors Disagree

While you’re seeing your own doctor to take care of your workplace injury, your employer has the right to get a second opinion from another doctor under workers’ comp rules.

Sometimes, the doctors disagree.

When that happens in Louisiana, the state Offices of Workers’ Compensation has a process in place for resolving the disputes.

Usually, they’ll ask another, neutral doctor to give an opinion.

At Mitchell & Associates, we’ll provide an initial assessment of your case for free.


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