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Am I Eligible for Social Security Disability in Louisiana?

Am I Eligible for Social Security Disability in Louisiana?

If you worked and paid into the Social Security program, you may qualify for benefits if you become disabled. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a disability program available to disabled workers in the United States. There are specific criteria you must meet before collecting these benefits. This makes collecting Social Security disability in Louisiana difficult without the help of an experienced attorney. In fact, the majority of SSDI claims are not approved the first time around. As such, disabled workers must appeal these denials and build a case to collect the benefits they need. When this occurs, an experienced Louisiana Social Security disability lawyer can help.

Are You Eligible for Social Security Disability in Louisiana?

Before you can collect SSDI benefits, you must determine if you meet the criteria for eligibility. To do this, you must show that you worked in a job that paid FICA taxes for a certain amount of time. You must also meet the medical definition of disability.

SSDI Work Credits

Depending on how much you work, you can earn up to four work credit each year. These work credits help determine if you can collect SSDI benefits. The older you are when you become disabled, the more credits you must accrue. For example, a disabled person at 50 must have at least 28 work credits, and they must have earned 20 of those credits over the 10 years preceding their disabling injury. Disabled adults younger than 24 may qualify if they have earned six credits in the last three years before their disability started.

SSDI Medical Eligibility

If you have the work credits, the next step is to determine if you have a disability based on the SSA’s definition. This means you must have a long-term or severe medical condition. This means your condition must last at least a year. It must also interfere with your ability to work and perform substantial gainful activity. If you are unable to work, you may qualify for total disability. However, if you are still able to work and make at least $1,260 per month, the SSA will likely deny your application for benefits.

How Can We Help?

Collecting social security disability benefits is not easy. Even though you have a valid disability, most SSDI claimants receive a denial. When this occurs, it is important to know that you can appeal claim denials and get the benefits you need. To do this, you need a Louisiana Social Security disability lawyer on your side. Your lawyer can review your claim and denial and help you move forward with your appeal.

At Mitchell & Associates, APLC, our SSDI lawyers can make sure you do not miss any critical deadlines. We are here to help you obtain the SSDI benefits you deserve. That is why we offer help every step of the way. Call us at 504-226-6530 or fill out our confidential contact form for a free initial consultation. With offices in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, we are here when you need us most.