What Does a Hurt-on-the-Job Lawyer Do For Me?


Get Someone Looking Out for Your Needs

You were hurt at work. Now your ability to make a living is on the line.

Workers’ compensation benefits offer financial security and a path to better times. But don’t take any chances. If you get an experienced workers’ comp attorney, you can make sure you get all the benefits you’re owed.

Here’s why:

  • Your company worries about their interests first. Your attorney focuses on your needs.
  • Insurance adjusters want to make this quick, easy and inexpensive for them. Your attorney makes sure the process works for you.
  • Your attorney keeps track of deadlines and paperwork to prevent your claim from getting lost in the shuffle.
  • Workers’ comp may offer job counseling, but that can put your benefits to an early end. Your attorney fights for your benefits until you’re ready to work.
  • Your attorney knows all the benefits you’re entitled to and fights to get you maximum compensation.

The lawyers at Mitchell & Associates know how to counter the tactics that employers and insurance companies use to deny or reduce your benefits. We help injured workers in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Mississippi.

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Get the Freedom to Focus on Your Recovery

When you’re out of work because you were hurt on the job, the last thing you need is to spend your time jumping through procedural hoops. Let our attorneys do the heavy lifting.

At Mitchell & Associates, we work with insurance claims adjusters, human resources and safety officials at your job, hospitals and nurse case managers, as well as vocational rehabilitation case workers, to make sure:

  • You get to choose your doctor, instead of going to one who primarily serves your company’s needs.
  • Your insurance covers your treatment, so you’re not stuck with huge medical bills for an injury on the job.
  • Medical staff properly document your care, so your claim goes through.
  • Your employer submits all the right forms, so your benefits start promptly.
  • You meet all the necessary deadlines for filing a claim, or appealing a denial.
  • Your lost wages payments arrive on time.

You don’t have to pay anything for an initial consultation with Mitchell & Associates.

Get a Personal Guide Through the Workers’ Comp System

Workers’ Comp laws like the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act can be confusing. The system can be intimidating. But you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Mitchell & Associates attorneys can help you understand:

  • The laws that created this process and how they affect you.
  • Your requirements for filing a claim.
  • The unique workers’ comp court system and administrative law judges, which function differently from regular courts.
  • The various state offices—like the Louisiana Office of Workers’ Compensation or the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission—that oversee the system.
  • When your benefits start, what they cover and how long they last.
  • How to choose a physician who understands workers’ comp claims.
  • What to do when your doctor and your company’s doctor disagree on treatment plans.
  • How to file a “Disputed Claim for Compensation,” if your benefits get denied.

After you were hurt on the job, get a lawyer who helps you reclaim your life: Mitchell & Associates.

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