Baton Rouge workers' compensation lawyers: Attorneys Craig Mitchell and Kiana Mitchell help you navigate Louisiana benefits.
Baton Rouge workers' compensation lawyers: Attorney Kiana Mitchell of Mitchell & Associates leads a workers' compensation legal team on a mission to help Baton Rouge families.

Attorney Kiana Mitchell of Mitchell & Associates leads a workers’ compensation legal team on a mission to help Baton Rouge families.

Where to Turn When You’re Too Hurt To WorkTM in Baton Rouge

If you live in the Baton Rouge area and you get hurt on the job, the Louisiana workers’ compensation system is supposed to help you recover physically and financially.

But sometimes the system works against you.

Workers’ comp in Louisiana has its own separate legal process, complete with its own laws, courts and judges.

You need an attorney who knows the specifics of that system, so you get the maximum benefits you deserve.

At Mitchell & Associates, we have extensive experience with workers’ comp in Louisiana.

In fact, we work so much with Louisiana workers’ comp that we located our Baton Rouge office right across the street from the headquarters of the Louisiana Office of Workers’ Comp, District 5.

The Office of Workers’ Comp supervises the benefits program in Louisiana. It’s where your case could be decided if you have a disagreement with your employer or the insurance company.

We’ll navigate this system for you, so you can focus on your health.

A Family Firm Dedicated to Helping Families in Need

When you call Mitchell & Associates for help with your workers’ comp benefits, you’ll talk to attorney Craig Mitchell or attorney Kiana Mitchell.

At some law firms, you’ll rarely speak directly with your lawyer.

But we function as a family, dedicated to helping other families.

Our Baton Rouge Roots

One way to tell if a lawyer has the right values to forcefully represent regular, hardworking people like you is to look at their community roots.

Craig Mitchell was working in New Orleans when he got tired of seeing employers, insurance companies and other lawyers treating people unfairly, so he started Mitchell & Associates to fight back.

But long before that, when he was a child, he spent his summers in Scotlandville with his grandmother and great-aunt on Rosenwald Road. His mother, Diane, grew up in Scotlandville with her two brothers, Donald and Eddie Wheat. They attended Scotlandville High.

He got to know the decent, proud, hardworking people who make their homes in and around Baton Rouge. His family was proud when he was able to open an office downtown on Florida Street.

His experience makes Mitchell & Associates that much more motivated to protect Baton Rouge residents when they’re hurt, they can’t work and they need workers’ comp benefits.

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